Why accept candidates who have the CLES certificate ?

Are you an educational institution or a company? If so, you are likely to receive applications from French students or workers on an international mobility who have certified their language level with the CLES certification. Here are the reasons why you can have confidence in them :

Certified language skills

Candidates who are awarded the CLES certification have excellent language skills.  The CLES certifies a real level in language and ensures a good command of the language.

The CLES certifies skills based on the language levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CLES assesses candidates on their current language level.

One of the hallmarks of the CLES, central to the certification is the spoken interaction test, where candidates are asked to negotiate and exchange points of view with the aim of reaching a compromise.

In writing, the CLES tests a candidate’s ability to select and summarise information. These skills are notably useful in everyday situations, study or in the world of work.

Recognition for the CLES test

The CLES is a recognised state certification run by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Moreover, CLES is a founding member of the NULTE network and is therefore recognised in many European universities.

As a founding member of the NULTE network and based on CEFR language levels, the CLES is recognised across Europe and beyond.

The CLES National Coordination team maintains regular contact with industry to ensure that the CLES is endorsed by employers and human resources personnel.

The scientific basis for the CLES test

CLES certification has a strong scientific basis and is governed by researchers and specialists who ensure its reliability and international scope.

The CLES is advised by an international scientific committee. Its role is to overview and ensure the scientific quality of the content and certification procedures.

Accessibility of the CLES test

The CLES certification is open to all at an affordable price.  Many students cannot afford a high-priced certification. CLES centres are present in most French universities.    

Many teachers advise their students to take the CLES certification, due to its reasonable cost and that it certifies real language levels.
Published on  March 13, 2023
Updated on July 7, 2023