CLES validity

Period of validity for the CLES certificate

The CLES is a French national certification and is valid for life.

One of the advantages of the CLES is that students can take the CLES and increase their chances of being admitted to a master's programme or spending a semester abroad.  They can also use the test for later job applications.

International validity of CLES certificate

The CLES is valid internationally.

In Europe, the CLES is a founding member of the Network of University Language Testers in Europe (NULTE), which is accompanied by a European agreement. The signatories of this agreement are committed to mutually recognising the quality  of each other's certifications.

The CLES is also valid outside European borders, being based on the of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) criteria. These criteria are internationally recognised
We strongly recommend students and professionals who have obtained the CLES. The CLES proficiency test indicates a real language level appropriate for the academic and professional world.
Published on  March 13, 2023
Updated on July 7, 2023