THe Pooling System

The CLES certification is a French higher education certification that operates on a collaborative system. All CLES stakeholders belong to higher education institutions and ensure that the certification process runs according to various terms and conditions.

Coordination of the clusters

The cluster coordinators ensure that the various centres follow the procedures set by the National Coordination Committee and respect the CLES exam charter.

Training the stakeholders

The topic designers and test examiners must follow national training courses in order to be accredited as a "CLES Designer" or a "CLES Test Examiner".
These training courses are organised and run by the National Coordination Committee and the Assistant Director responsible for teacher training and development.

Exam Paper Design and Revision

Exam papers are produced by teachers working in higher education.
Each topic is revised by at least two teachers specialising in the language concerned, who have already designed a CLES exam paper, and who belong to two separate institutions distinct from that of the topic designer. They are assisted throughout the design process by members of the Validation Committee.

Composition of the Validation Committees

The Validation Committees are organised by language. Each Validation Committee is composed of a supervisor and at least two designers from different institutions.
The Validation Committee ensures that the papers are consistent with the CLES specifications and it is the first and last instance that approves exam paper design.

Published on  March 8, 2018
Updated on March 8, 2018