The pooling system

The CLES certification is an independent French higher education certification which functions based on a pooling system.
The CLES centres contribute to the national management of the CLES on several levels:

In the design and revision of test topics

The test topics of the CLES are designed on a national level by teachers and teachers and research-professors working in higher education who have attended a day of "Training for CLES test topic designers".
Each test topic is revised by at least two teachers or teacher-researchers who are specialists in the language in question and who have already designed a CLES test topic and who work in two different institutions that are also different from the test designer’s institution.

In its involvement in validation committees and responsibilities

The assistant directors in charge of the "Topics" section and the validation committee which validates test topics in the first and last steps of the design process ensure the compliance of the topics with the CLES specifications.
Validation committees are organised by certification languages. In English, committees are organised by level (CLES 1, CLES 2, and CLES 3). Each validation committee, composed of at least two test designers from different institutions, is managed by a supervisor.

In CLES hub coordination

The institutions that are accredited to issue the CLES (CLES centres) are grouped at the national level into CLES hubs. These two groups constitute the CLES network.
The CLES hubs, supported by higher education institutions, are managed by hub coordinators who ensure that the provisions of the CLES National Coordination and the CLES examination charter are followed at CLES centres.

In CLES staff training

The CLES National Coordination organises training days (of designers, examiners,) as needed, with the support of the assistant director in charge of "Teacher training and support".
This training is given by members of the steering committee of the National Coordination and/or members of the validation committees.
The CLES test topic designers and examiners of the CLES tests will soon be able to undergo training at the national level to obtain the titles of: "CLES designer" and "CLES examiner".

In its involvement in the creation of CLES tools

Teachers of authorised or accredited institutions to issue the CLES take part in the design and creation of the different tools needed for the proper functioning of the certification, such as the CLES specifications, "designer kit", "centre kit centre", different training kits, evaluation grids or even revision grids.
Published on  March 23, 2016
Updated on April 4, 2022