The National Certification Steering Committee

To fulfil its mandate, the CLES National Directorate draws on the support of the Steering Committee. This Committee is the educational and operational guarantor of the inter-university pooling system.

The Committee is chaired by the Scientific Director of the National Coordination Committee. The permanent members of the committee are the Scientific Director, the Assistant Directors and cluster coordinators or their representatives. Permanent guest members include the President of the Université Grenoble Alpes or his or her representative, the scientific adviser to the Ministry and two supervisors from the Validation Committees, including at least one supervisor from the English Validation Committee.
The National Steering Committee sits at least four times a year and is convened by the Scientific Director of the National Coordination Committee. The Steering Committee may also meet exceptionally at the request of two-thirds of its members.

Main Duties

  • To define and discuss didactic priorities and questions related to the organisation of the certification;
  • To discuss and come to decisions on questions related to the clusters (composition, attachment of centres to clusters, etc.) in line with general site policies established at the national level;
  • To draft opinions on the accreditation of CLES centres;
  • To plan and combine the regional and national CLES sessions (by language and level);
  • To approve the training programme for designers and examiners proposed by the "teacher training and development" Assistant Director, in consultation with the Scientific Director;
  • To draft an opinion on applications from Assistant Directors to the Scientific Directorate of the National Coordination Committee and on applications from the supervisors of Validation Committees;
  • To oversee the harmonisation of the remuneration applied to the design, proofreading and validation of exam papers and marking of CLES tests;
  • To define the communication strategy;
  • To update the CLES test charter;
  • To update the various kits available to the centres;
  • To ensure the implementation of the national diploma model related to the CLES certificate.
Published on  March 6, 2018
Updated on April 25, 2018