Steering bodies

The Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) has been responsible for the national coordination of Higher Education Language Skills Certification (CLES) since 10 April 2013. In partnership with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), the "CLES" sub-committee in the "Vocational Training and Integration Committee" of the CPU and the cluster coordinators, it has set up a new body for the National Coordination of the CLES to ensure that the certification programme operates in a collegial way.


The CLES was set up by the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) in May 2000 to promote and develop candidates' language proficiency. It therefore facilitates both professional integration and openness to international exchanges and careers.


A CLES sub-committee has been set up within the "Commission of Vocational Training and Integration" of the CPU in order to ensure that a collegial policy is adopted in the spirit of the CLES as a collegial system.
This sub-committee is chaired by the President of the university in charge of the CLES (the UGA for the duration of the current agreement). It is composed of the presidents of the institutions that host the CLES clusters and the presidents of the institutions where the assistant directors are assigned. It meets once a year to define the strategic direction of the clusters, the promotion of the CLES and ties with other ministries.
It ensures the nationwide harmonisation of the compensations granted by the member institutions of the CLES network (cluster coordinators, managers of the centres and CLES validation committee members), as well as the rates and remunerations applied by the institutions to organise the CLES (designing the exam papers, invigilating the exams and marking the papers).

The CLES National Coordination Committee

The National Coordination Committee is composed of the National Directorate and the administrative team and it is in charge of making decisions regarding the certification.
Since it was created, the CLES has operated according to a collegial system between higher education institutions on all matters relating to the design of test topics and regional and national organisation. This system is overseen by the National Coordination Committee, which has been led by the UGA since 10th April 2013 under a tripartite memorandum of understanding with the MESRI and the CPU.

The National Certification Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee is the educational and operational guarantor of the inter-university certification scheme. It supports the implementation of the work of the CLES National Directorate.
The Steering Committee is chaired by the Scientific Director of the National Coordination Committee. It is composed of the assistant directors and cluster coordinators or their representatives. The President of the Université Grenoble Alpes or his or her representative, the scientific adviser of the MESRI, and two validation committee supervisors, including at least one from the English Validation Committee, are permanent guest members of the Steering Committee.

The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee plays a consultative role as far as the scientific quality of the CLES content and procedures is concerned. It is also proactive regarding questions of formative and certification-related assessment to the CLES Steering Committee and the CLES Scientific Directorate.

Published on  July 24, 2017
Updated on April 25, 2018